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“Stripped Down” Live CD/DVD Set!

Rick Springfield - Stripped Down - CD/DVD

Available now! Rick Springfield “Stripped Down” CD/DVD set! Includes the new song and fan favorite, “If Wishes Were Fishes”, plus 14 ‘stripped down’ songs recorded live, including dynamic covers of the classics “Oh Well,” “Rollin’ & Tumblin'” and “Baby Blue.” See CD/DVD track listing and watch video previews below. Released: February 24, 2015.

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CD/DVD Track Listing:

CD Tracklisting:
1. Affair Of The Heart (4:23)
2. Love Is Alright Tonite (3:47)
3. I’ve Done Everything For You (2:47)
4. Painted Girl (2:14)
5. Oh Well (1:57)
6. Love Somebody (2:43)
7. Baby Blue (3:39)
8. Rollin’ & Tumblin’ (3:21)
9. If Wishes Were Fishes (4:55)
10. Don’t Talk To Strangers (2:46)
11. April 24th, 1981/My Father’s Chair (6:36)
12. Me & Johnny (4:09)
13. Human Touch (2:26)
14. Jessie’s Girl (3:10)

DVD Tracklisting:
1. Affair of the Heart
2. Me & Johnny
3. Oh Well
4. Love is Alright Tonite
5. Rollin’ & Tumblin’
6. Baby Blue
7. Painted Girl
8. April 24, 1981/My Father’s Chair
9. If Wishes Were Fishes
10. Love Somebody
11. Our Ships Sinking
12. Jessie’s Girl
13. Human Touch
14. My Depression (credits only)

Collector’s Edition:

Rick Springfield - Stripped Down - CD/DVD Limited Edition

For the Rick Springfield super-fan, the deluxe “Rick Springfield – Stripped Down” collector’s edition features the CD/DVD chronicling the critically acclaimed 2014 Stripped Down tour, plus a Rick Springfield USB drive featuring two additional live performances (in both video and audio formats) and a special message from Rick. This autographed, limited-release edition is also packaged in a custom wooden collector’s box, features an exclusive Rick Springfield laser-engraved coaster set and photo card. (Please note that photo is a preproduction sample. Small variances in final production may or may not occur. USB drive and photo card also included, but not shown in photographs.)

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Video Previews:

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